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Loving yourself even more – new date coming soon

Join us for this chance to continue your Heal Your Life journey and deepen your experience of this powerful work
online session: new date coming soon

This half day course, which we are currently only offering online,  is another powerful opportunity for self-discovery and change. New exercises, meditations and processes will lead us to the next level of healing and growth.

During the workshop we’ll:

* go deeper within to identify more old patterns and limiting beliefs – and release them

* work on the places where we’re still stuck such as self-love, relationships, career and abundance

* learn to let go of self criticism and judgement

* practice forgiveness and healing, and

* share ideas for staying in balance when challenges arise

There is always something more to learn, and new levels of awareness and self-love to go to. This re-energising session is a chance for those of us familiar with the Heal Your Life principles and work to reconnect with each – and with ourselves.

to book a place follow this link: details and booking form