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Journey to Self Love – five week online workshop

We can always learn how to be better friends to ourselves and support ourselves more fully. This workshop is a chance to stop, reflect and review the journey so far, and then re-energise ourselves to start moving forward again.
Join us for this chance to continue your Heal Your Life journey and deepen your experience of this powerful work
six session online course over five weeks:
new date coming soon
If you’re familiar with the work of Louise Hay and other personal growth teachers then this workshop is a chance to develop more awareness of the old patterns, beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back, and create a new relationship with yourself and your life.

Over five inspiring weeks you’ll enjoy the course offers you a combination of independent learning, regular groups sessions, plus support from course leaders and the group as well as a one-to-one coaching session.

we’ll work on:
* How to overcome feelings of ‘not good enough’ and recognise you ARE deserving
* Creating better relationships with others AND yourself
* Achieving a new level of abundance in all areas of your life
* Loving your body back to health by listening to its messages
* Setting and honouring boundaries that will help your life work for you.

You’ll achieve:
Deeper levels of self-awareness and self-acceptance –
More self-love in your life through uncovering limiting beliefs and behaviours –
Help to gain the love, prosperity, health and relationships you desire, and
Deepen your connection with the power you have to create the life of your dreams –

There is always more to uncover and release as you welcome greater good into all areas of your life.
How does this five-week programme work?
A new topic will be covered each week for five weeks:
Week 1 – Deservability
Week 2 – Love and Relationships
Week 3 – Prosperity
Week 4 – The body-mind connection
Week 5 – Honouring Boundaries 

Starting with an introductory session we’ll lead on Zoom, you’ll then work through each week’s topic using a rich mix of: reflection exercises, video, audio, meditations, journaling, visualisation and affirmations.
At the end of each week we’ll lead another online Zoom session, giving you a chance to share your insights and build on the learning you’ve done. We’ll also be offering you an optional one-to-one support session at the end of the course. 
When: new date coming soon
Where: Online
Course Leaders: Jane Matthews and Sharon Shingler
Cost: £175
Maximum ten places available
To Book Your Place:
To secure your place please download a booking form click here
Please email your completed booking form and payment to

What our participants say:
“Excellent workshop, expertly facilitated. The different weekly topics and exercises are very well chosen. Highly recommended and excellent value for money.” Jacqueline

“This course came my way at a time I needed it. It has given me the insight into my life to realise what was lacking and the courage to make changes.” Sindy

“An amazing six weeks. I have made new discoveries about myself and feel more centred.” Mitzi

“A journey of knowing myself, full of love, motivation, emotions and full of support from everyone on the course.” Alia