Transforming Relationships

Relationships are our greatest teachers….

Relationships provide us with some of our greatest joys in life – and also some of our greatest challenges!

Are there relationships in your life – with a partner, family members, friends or colleagues – that are difficult? Then join us for a day of insights and powerful exercises to help you improve them.

Topics we’ll be working on include:
** The ways in which childhood experiences impact our adult relationships

** How to uncover and let go of beliefs and habits that keep us stuck in repeating patterns

** The importance of understanding where we and other people are coming from

** Identifying how we can learn and grow through our relationships

** Getting clear about our own needs and how to get them met

** Eight principles for improving – and healing – relationships of all kinds

** How to create healthy relationships in which we can be our best selves.

2024 date coming soon: email me at to be notified as soon as the workshop is announced