Love yourself, heal your life – weekend workshop coming soon

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Are there places in your life that feel ‘stuck’?
Are you ready to change old patterns and welcome more good into your life – with your relationships, finances, health and wellbeing?
Or perhaps you’re looking for an opportunity to reflect and reset

Then join me for a life-changing two day intensive that will show you how to say goodbye to stress, negative self-talk and limiting beliefs, and welcome more joy and purpose into your life.

This Love Yourself-Heal Your Life workshop is based on the teachings of Louise Hay, and designed to equip you with the understanding, tools and inspiration to change your life in positive and empowering ways.

Working with all four aspects of ourselves – mind, body, spirit and emotions – you’ll learn to identify and release the unconscious patterns and beliefs that are holding you back.

Over the two days we’ll work with powerful tools

You’ll learn how to eliminate negative thinking, heal the past and stop sabotaging yourself, create healthier relationships, replace self-criticism with self-approval, and identify the life you want and how to get it.

You’ll discover the power of affirmations and visualisation and learn how to use them to create a life that aligns with your highest good.

The workshop will also lead you to a new level of thinking and understanding yourself and your life, giving you the chance to experience inner peace, self-love, a new level of self esteem and a healthy release of emotion.


Throughout the weekend we’ll work on:

• How our thoughts and beliefs shape our lives

• Awareness of negative thoughts and how to change them

• Family patterns and how they affect our lives and choices

• Healing the child within us

• Dealing with difficult emotions

• Forgiving ourselves and others

• Unlocking a new future by learning to love ourselves and others

• Creating healthy relationships

• Freeing ourselves from damaging patterns and behaviour

• Creating perfect health

• Finding a sense of purpose, and

• Writing a new story for our lives

If parts of your life aren’t working, if you keep finding life repeating itself, or if you are just looking for that elusive ‘something more’ from life, then this workshop – which has changed many thousands of lives worldwide –  is for you.

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What participants say

” Adored this course with you Jane … changed my life.” Debbie

“Go if you can! Jane is an exceptional workshop leader who changed my life a million times for the better. ” Barbara

“This is an amazing, life changing experience led by an amazing person. Go, go, go! ” Toby

“I never dared dream before that the change would be so powerful. I thank you for lifting me, nurturing me and transforming my life. “