Living an Abundant Life – coming soon

one day workshop, Kendal, Lake District

woman opening her arms wide to life

Are you ready to welcome more prosperity into your life? If you’re eager to let go of feelings of lack and open up to abundance, then I have an upcoming workshop that’s perfect for you.

Here’s what we’ll achieve together:

  1. Empowerment: We’ll release those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, helping you cultivate a fresh perspective on prosperity.
  2. Insights: You’ll gain valuable insights into your current approach to money, both practically and on emotional and spiritual levels.
  3. Skills: We’ll equip you with new or improved skills for embracing the abundant Universe that’s just waiting for you to claim its treasures.
  4. Trust: You’ll deepen your trust in the flow of Universal abundance, fostering a sense of security in your financial journey.
  5. Transformation: Together, we’ll craft your “new story” about prosperity, setting you on a path to manifest your dreams.

The workshop costs just £60, and that includes light refreshments and course materials. It’s a day that could change your life and bring more abundance into it. Don’t miss out! Reserve your spot today.

Book your place by contacting me at