Living Softly: an a-z of feeling good

Living Softly: an a-z of feeling good

An A to Z poster made up of the letter shapes on butterfly wingsIt’s many years since I’ve had to conjure up car games to keep the little ones from wailing ‘are we there yet?’

But back in the day, my go-to game was the one that starts “I went shopping and I bought…. moving through the alphabet from A (always apples) to Z (always a struggle!)

I only remembered this  when I spotted on a friend’s timeline her own variation: an A-Z of depressing words (d=despond, m=morose, u=unremitting – with a special mention for n=nylon!)

Feelings about nylon aside, her list was a reminder of the power of language to shape our mood. By the time I got to ‘z’ (zealot in case you’re intrigued) I could feel my energy draining away.

Try this variation for a game changer

One of the things I return to again and again as I learn to live more softly is changing the story in my head. And it turns out that playing the A-Z game with words that make me feel good, empowered, inspired or even simply amused, is a quickfire way of writing a better story.

Here are some of the words I came up with today. Tomorrow they’ll be different , just as your favourites will be. Why not give it a go and see how you feel?

A is for abundance

B is for breathe

C is for compassion (and also chocolate)

D is delight

E is for enthusiasm

F is for faith

G is for glee

H is for heartfelt (or) anything with heart in it

I is for intimate

J is for joy

K is for Kilimanjaro (it’s personal; you’ll have to trust me on this one)

L is for luscious

M is for miracle

N is for nourish

O is for original

P is for peace

Q is for quiet (how lovely that they follow each other)

R is for renew

S is for softly (of course)

T is for trust

U is for unconditional

V is for vitality

W is for wisdom

X is for xxxx (lots of them)

Y is for YES!

Z is for zzz (which always makes things seem a little brighter)

And a word about the image I’ve used to illustrate this post

The first time I saw this butterfly alphabet on a poster I was completely enchanted. Imagine how brilliant nature is to have created so many shapes and colours that a photographer was able to discover a whole alphabet! You can read all about and get your own copy of the poster here: